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12/20/14 09:46 PM #134    


Ruth Tobaben (Gilbert)

I think you migh be onto something.  Somehow this rings a bell with me.  You are the greatest!  I wll let you know how it goes.  I will call this number tomorrow.  :-)  Class of '63 still rules!

12/22/14 07:21 AM #135    

Sharon Dickison (Magruder)

A very Merry Christmas to all.  May the new year bring you good health, happiness, and all you deserve in the coming year.


12/23/14 10:21 PM #136    


John Koon

This is just a great internet site.  Thanks to Ted Witte for organizing, designing, and maintaining it.  Ted: a great job.  And judged by the consistent use it gets, the class really appreciates your efforts. 

(To the extent that others participated/participate in this effort, thanks to you also.  I just don't know who you are.)


12/24/14 09:28 AM #137    


Jeanne Hathaway

I'll second that motion, John!  Thank you, Ted, as always, and a big shout out to everyone else who contributes content. From what I can tell by talking to other friends we have to be the most connected high school class in the country!

01/21/17 12:44 PM #138    


Jennie Donnelly (Green)

Thanks to Ted for adding the survey for the 55th reunion. Are all of you looking at the 2018 calendar? I notice that most people voted for June 9, 10 and 11 for the dates of the reunion. In 2018, those dates fall on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Was that the intention? Just wondering...

01/30/17 06:33 PM #139    


Ted Witte

Ted Ogle has an article in the Courier Journal about "Don't Privatize Air Traffic Control."  Here is a link to the PDF file for reading:

06/05/17 11:33 PM #140    

Sharon Dickison (Magruder)



,Hi All.

Not sure this is the correct place but I thought it would be fun to write down memories of our beloved teacher  Mr Ben Huff Averitt who just passed away.  He called me a rose between two thorns because he always saw me walking between the two Schueler brothers.  A story I found numerous was one where he told us how he caught a cheater in one of his classes.  He suspected this student of cheating but had not been able to catch.  After giving a test one day as he was grading the tests he caught the culprit.  The student sat behind this particular student and on one of the questions wrote "I don,t know."  Mr A laughed as he graded the cheaters test.  He had finally caught.  His answer to the same question was "I don't know either."  He enjoyed returning that test to the student.  Ha ha  Mr A told this story about where he was when he heard about the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor.  He was out side playing basketball.  I think he was 16 at the time.  That is all I have right now.  Does anyone else have stories they can share about this very special man?  I would love to read them.  I just got a lovely card from his niece, Carol, telling me how much he enjoyed hearing from all of us.





06/08/17 05:09 PM #141    


Heather Scarlett (Hurley)

Marilyn Osse Downs is coming to town to attend Ben Averitt's funeral on Friday and Saturday. She'll be staying in Crescent Hill at her sister's, 904-315-6291 and would love to connect up with others that are going.


06/21/17 03:34 PM #142    

Gary Gerlach

Hope to get to Nicholasville.  Leaving Birmingham Friday morning right behind Cindy and follow her to KY.  Depends on how much flooding here.  

06/22/17 06:05 PM #143    


Heather Scarlett (Hurley)

I think Emma, Graham and Ed are planning to go but I can't remember if they were going on Friday or Saturday.  


10/30/17 11:15 AM #144    


Ted Witte

I just made my reservations (airline, car and hotel) for the reunion.  In case anyone else needs to know here are some more details on the rooms at the Brown Hotel:

The Deluxe Room (announced already) is $159.00/night, however if you upgrade to the Club Floor Deluxe room you get food and drinks (a lot of us did this last time and it was worth it).  Price for the Club Floor Deluxe is $199.00/night.  Self parking is $20/night or $24/night for valet.  They said I could cancel up to June 6th (I'm checking in the 7th).


Check in: 4:00 PM
Check out: 11:00 AM

Early Departure: Checking out prior to your confirmed departure date will result in a $50 administrative fee and/or forfeiture of any remaining deposit balance.

Payment Type: The credit card provided is to guarantee your reservation only. This card will be charged a no show fee of one night room and tax if your plans change and you do not cancel your reservation. All major credit cards are accepted as payment at time of check-in. Cash is not accepted at check-in; however, we are happy to accept cash as payment at check-out.

Incidental Charges: A minimum hold of $40 per day, placed on your credit/debit card, is required for incidental charges.

Parking: Self parking is available at $20 plus tax per night, or if you prefer, valet parking is $24 plus tax per night.

Shuttle Service: We are pleased to offer our guests complimentary shuttle van service to and from the Louisville International Airport. Once you have landed, please call 502-736-2985 for shuttle pick up.

Directions: Click here for directions.

Restaurants: Join us in the English Grill, a AAA Four Diamond restaurant serving American cuisine with a Kentucky flair. Click here to make your dinner reservations.

J. Graham's Café, our bistro-style restaurant, offers breakfast and lunch. J. Graham's serves "Louisville's Finest Gourmet Lunch Buffet" as well as the legendary "Hot Brown", which has been featured in Southern Living, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, on the Travel Channel's Man v. Food, NBC's Today Show and on Diane Sawyer's "Good Morning America.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Brown Hotel. Please call us at 502-583-1234 should you have any questions, or if you would like to change the details of your reservation.

The Brown Hotel Reservation Team


10/31/17 01:51 PM #145    


Emma Rieser (Borders)

Thanks, Ted, for all the info.


11/01/17 06:51 PM #146    


Martha Robertson (Puckett)

Thanks Ted!  See you in June!


11/02/17 02:40 PM #147    


Jennie Donnelly (Green)

Thanks for posting all of this information, Ted. I was unaware of what the Club Room was last time and so did not book a room on that floor. Your post got me started. I just booked my room on the Club Room floor, giving me additional opportunity to visit with classmates. You, Heather, et al. might want to make a point of its advantages when you send out registration materials. A complimentary breakfast is served there as well as drinks, etc. in the afternoon. Also, if you make your reservation by phone and ask, certain complimentary accommodations can be made to the rooms on that floor for those who are collecting titanium joints like I am. 🙂Looking forward to seeing you all in June!

11/04/17 11:45 AM #148    


Martha Robertson (Puckett)

Ted found out more information than Marcy and I found out in 3 visits, lots of emails and even more frustration! Thanks again Ted!

11/04/17 12:15 PM #149    


Martha Robertson (Puckett)

Ted found out more information than Marcy and I found out in 3 visits, lots of emails and even more frustration! Thanks again Ted!

11/16/17 07:22 PM #150    


Heather Scarlett (Hurley)

If anyone has some free time to help with the reunion, we need some volunteers to make phone calls to locate classmates.  Please let me know if you can help.  


Heather (


03/10/18 04:10 PM #151    


Ted Witte


The Reunion Committee has finalized the plans for our special weekend June 7th-10, 2018 for the Class of '63 and we hope that you will make a special effort to participate and join us in this event!

There are registration deadlines that may need your action soon:
Day at Churchill Downs:  Payment and registration must be received by April 7, 2018  *
Both Cocktail Parties:  Payment and registration must be received by May 14, 2018  *
Wildcat Golf Outing:  Payment and registration must be received by May 30, 2018  **

* This gets sent to Elly Henderson       
**  This gets sent to Marcy Meyer Suter

Please visit our Class of '63 website at , log into the website and click on the tab on the left of your screen "55th Reunion - Events and Registration" to get more information, details and be able to download the registration forms.  Note there are two (2) separate flyers to download:  55th Reunion Flyer/Registration and the Golf Outing Flyer/Registration.  You will need to log into the website in order to view and download the flyers.  If you have a problem remembering your password, please click on the FAQ (left side of screen) and follow password retrieval instructions.  If you need additional help or want the forms sent to you via e-mail please contact Ted Witte at

The preference would be to have you register and send in your money by snail mail using the flyer registration forms.  If you can, we would also appreciate you registering on-line so that we can get an electronic record of the people that are coming to the reunion.  You can also print out your electronic registration and mail it with your check (except for the Golf Outing).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.  We are looking forward to seeing everyone in June!

The Reunion Committee

05/05/19 01:14 PM #152    


Jennie Donnelly (Green)

I wish we had an obituary for Lee Harvath. Any ideas? His comments on his page indicate he had a full and happy life. I’m sure he will be missed by many. 

05/06/19 11:39 PM #153    


Jeanne Hathaway

Jennie, both Heather and I have tried to locate an obituary for Lee but  simply can’t find one anywhere. We’ll keep trying. 

05/07/19 12:02 PM #154    


Martha Robertson (Puckett)

Are we sure he died?
Where did the info come from??

05/07/19 03:48 PM #155    


Heather Scarlett (Hurley)

Florida Bar Association 

05/08/19 11:16 AM #156    


Jeanne Hathaway

Also from my People Smart site -- that's where we got the exact date.

05/12/19 06:11 PM #157    


John Koon

Class/Friends: I am honored to have been elected to the WHS Hall of Fame. This is a very nice honor.  I am sorry that I could not attend the banquet.  I will plan to attend next year.  I am sorry that I missed seeing those of you who were in attendance this year.  


05/13/19 12:45 PM #158    

James Bruther

CONGRATS to both Johns!  Nice to see that WHS recognizes some outstanding graduates!

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